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In the SMART ecosystem, the role of strategic partners is pivotal in ensuring a seamless and secure experience for users and sponsors.

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In the SMART ecosystem, the role of strategic partners is pivotal in ensuring a seamless and secure experience for users and sponsors. As we navigate through this intricate web of collaboration, it is essential to spotlight the key players that form the backbone of the SMART Exchange platform. These strategic allies bring a wealth of unique expertise to the table, each contributing in their distinctive way to elevate the functionality and reinforce the reliability of the SMART Exchange. Let’s delve into the key players that make up this ecosystem, each contributing their unique expertise to enhance the functionality and reliability of the SMART Exchange platform.

Investment Banker

At the core of SMART Ecosystem Partners is an Investment Banking team equipped with extensive experience and certifications. Their primary responsibility is to meticulously prepare the Investment Memorandum (IM). This includes comprehensive risk disclosures, detailed terms and conditions, insightful reports, and clear titles – essential elements for informed decision-making in the world of smart assets.

Token Wallet

The SMART Token (ST) wallet, a user’s gateway to the ecosystem, is held securely by a self-custodial service provider. This ensures users have full control and ownership of their tokens, aligning with the principles of decentralization and user autonomy.

Fiat Wallet

Managing fiat transactions seamlessly is entrusted to a third-party banking service provider with the necessary licenses. This partnership ensures users’ fiat wallets are handled with the highest level of security and compliance, offering a smooth transition between traditional and digital assets.

Approved Trustee

An Approved Trustee is a key figure within the SMART ecosystem, possessing the requisite experience to act on behalf of users and sponsors. Operating within the DAO mechanism, the trustee ensures transparency and accountability, safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders.

Escrow Agent

Income generated from smart assets is held securely by a third-party banking service provider acting as an Escrow Agent. With relevant experience, they facilitate secure transactions and diligently execute instructions received from the Trustee, adding an extra layer of security to the SMART ecosystem.

Due Diligence Agency

Third-party agencies with global repute conduct thorough Technical, Legal, and Financial Due Diligence for each asset. This ensures that assets within the SMART ecosystem undergo a rigorous evaluation process, instilling confidence in users and sponsors.

Authorized Brokers

Authorized Brokers play a crucial role in facilitating the trading of SMART Tokens (ST). These individuals or organizations enable users to seamlessly trade their tokens, contributing to the liquidity and accessibility of the SMART ecosystem.

Rating and Valuation Agency

The SMART ecosystem partners with third-party global reputed agencies to provide fair ratings and valuations for its assets. This additional layer of scrutiny ensures transparency and instills confidence in the community by providing accurate assessments of asset values.

Kalptantra is the world’s first regulated permissioned decentralized coalition blockchain/DLT that powers the SMART Exchange platform. This platform uses tokenization to allow investment in real-world assets in a secure, innovative, and user-friendly way. By making real estate investment more accessible, SMART Exchange aims to support specialized businesses. With its structured approach, strict security, and commitment to compliance, the platform offers an appealing option for diversified and efficient investing. Its regulation, security measures and focus on usability and compliance make it stand out as an accessible way to add real assets to an investment portfolio.


The SMART Ecosystem Partners bring a wealth of expertise and innovation, creating a robust foundation for users and sponsors to engage confidently in the world of smart assets. With a diverse array of specialized partners, SMART continues to pave the way for a secure, transparent, and accessible ecosystem for all.

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