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As the currents of technology shape the digital horizon, SMART Exchange stands tall as the guardian of a new era. An odyssey where each step unveils the intricate layers of our commitment to your security, compliance, and a future defined by innovation. With SMART Exchange, you get a fusion of dedication, protecting your data, embracing industry norms, and trailblazing innovations. Here, digital trust is not spoken but composed, echoing in the spaces between every interaction. Brace yourself as we embark on a narrative that transcends the ordinary—a narrative of trust fortified through diligence and compliance.

Testing and Audit Protocols

1. ISO 27001 Compliance

We undergo regular ISO audits conducted by third-party experts to ensure full compliance with industry standards. These audits are crucial in validating our commitment to data security.

2. SOC 2 Audit

Our platform undergoes routine SOC 2 audits to uphold the highest standards in security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. These audits play a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of our marketplace.

3. Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments

Third-party agencies regularly conduct penetration tests on both our code and infrastructure. This ongoing evaluation helps identify and rectify potential vulnerabilities, ensuring a robust defense against cyber threats.

4. GDPR Compliance

SMART Exchange is fully GDPR compliant, extending this commitment to our third-party service providers like MongoDB & Atlas. This ensures the protection of user data and privacy in accordance with global standards.

VA Transactions and Monitoring

1. AI-based Transaction Monitoring

Our future plans include implementing AI-based transaction monitoring. This cutting – edge technology will enhance our ability to detect and prevent any form of manipulation within the system.

2. Transaction Logs

Our security team conducts regular audits of transaction logs to promptly identify and address any suspicious activities. This proactive approach ensures the integrity of our system.

3. Tracing of Incoming and Outgoing Transactions

Our system boasts advanced tracing capabilities for each incoming and outgoing transaction from VA wallets. This transparency is instrumental in maintaining accountability.

4. Monitoring System for VARA Team

To strengthen our audit capabilities, we are setting up a dedicated monitoring system for the VARA team. This will provide real-time insights and facilitate swift action in response to any anomalies.

Kalptantra is the world’s first regulated permissioned decentralized coalition blockchain/DLT that powers the SMART Exchange platform. This platform uses tokenization to allow investment in real-world assets in a secure, innovative, and user-friendly way. By making real estate investment more accessible, SMART Exchange aims to support specialized businesses. With its structured approach, strict security, and commitment to compliance, the platform offers an appealing option for diversified and efficient investing. Its regulation, security measures, and focus on usability and compliance make it stand out as an accessible way to add real assets to an investment portfolio.


SMART Exchange emerges as a guardian, shaping a new era defined by unwavering commitment to security, compliance, and pioneering innovation. As we navigate this odyssey, the fusion of dedication, industry norms, and innovation becomes palpable. In a world where trust is composed, not spoken, SMART Exchange stands as a beacon—setting new standards, transcending the ordinary, and inviting users to embrace a digital future underpinned by resilience, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to their trust. Welcome to SMART Exchange, where the horizon of trust is an ongoing journey, ensuring security and compliance excellence.

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